Introductory classes are run privately (G.U.T.S) and partnered with local councils. See our independent course details for a more comprehensive introduction in smaller numbers.

Flatground Fundamentals

As you may or may not know ollies are the gateway. Whether you've just started trying ollies, or are onto more complex flip tricks, these sessions will provide tips and techniques to help.
(Covered in Intermediate Session)

Ledge & Rail 

If you're looking to expand on your ledge and rail tricks this is for you. For those interested to start, these kinds of obstacles will require you to have experience doing ollies whilst moving, if you think you're ready, come along.
(Covered in Intermediate Lessons)


In these lessons, we will explore the effective use of ramps and different types of transition. From basics such as pumping and kick turns, to drop-ins, using coping and airs.
(Covered in Intermediate Lessons)

Female Only 

The female skateboarding community is growing rapidly, in Perth, and across the globe. These events cover beginners all the way up to experienced skateboarders. If you're looking for a supported environment to take you're first push, these are for you!


If you're interested in an LGBTQI+ specific event, please make an expression of interest and we'll be in touch.

Advanced Events

These events are a casual environment for the more experienced skateboarders.
Spot Prizes, Games of S.K.A.T.E, Music, Food, Filming, etc.
If you consider yourself an independent skateboarder come on along.


Although there are judges and spectators, competitions are an opportunity for you to showcase your skills your way.

You do you, join in, have some fun.

Please note all non-specific events are all inclusive, we encourage everyone to be involved across the entire program!